The "Chow-hound" Memorial is sponsored by The Lacey-Davis Foundation.

Help honor the last crew of the "Chow-hound" and the families they left behind.  Your generous tax-deductible donation will make a lasting impact on everyone who passes by the memorial.  The memorial to the "Chow-hound" - which you help fund - will remind every person who passes before it of the ultimate sacrifice our military veterans have been willing to pay.

Donations may be made payable to:    Lacey-Davis Foundation
                                                                     1309 N. Brian Avenue
                                                                     Azusa, CA  91702

                                                                    Please designate "Chow-hound" in the memo section

Lacey-Davis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt foundation and all donations are tax deductible for both federal and state.  Donations can be made in the form of cash, check, money order or paypal.  Paypal is available through The Lacey-Davis Foundation.

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$50 Donation

$100 Donation

$200 Donation

$250 Donation

$500 Donation

$1,000 Donation

$1,500 Donation
Receive a "Chow-hound" lapel pin

Receive a "Chow-hound" Ball Cap

Receive an 8x10 profile picture of the "Chow-hound"

Receive an 8x10 Color Picture of the "Chow-hound" Nose Art

Receive a Leather Unit Jacket Patch

Receive an 11x14  3/4 view Color Picture of the "Chow-hound"

Receive an 11x14 Color Picture of the "Chow-hound" and a "Chow-hound" photo book


Without your generous support, the "Chow-hound" Memorial would not be possible!

N. Scott Burkhardt
Marty and Carolyn Forte
Lacey-Davis Foundation
Robert Stuard
Mark Dimon
Patricia Frazier
Harry H. Johns
Scott Frederick
Robert S. Shoemaker
Richard Wellek
Bruce Brittain
Steve and Marion Dana
Linda and David Mackay
Virginia Dimon
Thomas Collins
Mary Ronnenburg
Joanne Thompson
Janet McIlwain Lorocco
John Collins
Muriel K. Smith
Your donations are greatly appreciated.  Any donation amount is gladly accepted.

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